Books not read, Jan 2012

My life is just one big sine curve.  Sharp ones at that.  There’d be months when I would simply devour books like there was no tomorrow.  Soon after would come a brief period where not a single book would seem suitable.

2012 has been like that thus far – caused by a combination of pressing work deadlines and general mental lethargy.   The terrible thing about this slump in book reading is that I end up blog hopping instead. Good and bad, because occasionally I’d hit the jackpot (like this one), but usually I just end up feeling disgusted at the mindless zombie that took over.  In addition, the various existential thoughts that crop up – what is the purpose of life (with reference to blog hopping in particular) are irritating.

I started reading Missing Mom by Joyce Carol Oats, after reading Steve’s review of the book.   I thought I would be able to identify with the protagonist (author), but that was not to be.  The author’s character “rebellious free spirit”  is so drastically different from my own (conforming, conventional) that the personal factor was not there.  I couldn’t read much of it.  It’s just this vague mood I am in, not the book.  Perhaps I will get back to it later.  I have it in my “To read” list.

Historic fiction is not my cuppa, it seems.  I have enjoyed Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvam type historic fiction during my teens.  Now, I can’t bring myself to read them.  I thought I would sweeten the deal with some trash factor thrown in – started Sandilyan’s Kanni Maadam, but couldn’t go past page 10.  The trash factor turned out to be a deterrent rather than attraction, I think.  Or, I am just too old for erotic romance in fiction.

I started reading an exposition on Sundara Gandam (ராமபிரானைக் கற்போம்-5) by Paravaakottai Aandavan Swamigal.  Although it is based essentially on Valmiki Ramayan, the author has included a lot of descriptions and cross-references of Kambar.  Beyond religious connotations, it is brilliant from a purely literature standpoint.  The similes and descriptions are beautiful.   This is a big book, and requires much more than a single read to appreciate fully, and I read not more than one or two pages every day with associated musings.  This book appears to stabilise my jumpy, volatile mind, and I think I will finish this book fully (which may take months, at the rate at which I am going) before moving on to mainstream fiction again.


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  1. Is your writing habit similar to reading too? In bursts? Because you should write more!

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