Dave Barry Turns 40

Caught in the middle of an agonizing gum inflammation that precluded any sensible activity, and needing something to cheer me up, I picked up “Dave Barry Turns 40”.  What do you know?  The book starts with the following sentences:

Well, its finally happening. I’m talking about the long-predicted Aging Process. I see many signs of it in my own life.  For example, I have become tremendously concerned about my gums.

Considering that I will be hitting the milestone myself in a few months, it was hilarious that I should be reading that concern for gums is a sign of aging.

Nothing helps overcome the adversity of middle age than a good laugh. In 10 chapters, Barry lightens, through his sophomoric humour, the mundane issues that hit you at 40 – the disintegrating body, midlife marriage, parenting, sex after 40 (or sex? after 40?), time management, financial management, politics  etc.  And while you are, as the cliche goes, rollingOFL, one sudden poignant section “Lost in America” tears you up, and it takes a while to get over the constriction at the throat to go on with the rest of the book.

Dave Barry is a welcome read if you are looking for a light book that will make you laugh without thinking too much.  The humour is fairly clean, and what impresses me most is the up-beat-ness of thoughts that makes you laugh in, not laugh at, life.  We have “Dave Barry turns 50” as well, I am debating if I should read it now, or wait a decade longer to laugh out louder through association.


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