Writing – Stream of Consciousness

Do people who like to read also like to write ?

Is “liking” to write the same as “needing” to write?

Is the need to write real or imaginary?

Is the need to write, merely a need to be read?

Does sound exist without a listener? Does writing work without a reader?

What is it when the need to write is matched by the inability to know what to write?

Why must imagination be held hostage by inhibition?

Is writing a skill to be learnt or is it in-born?

Who are the readers?

What do they read?

To blog or not to blog?









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6 Responses to Writing – Stream of Consciousness

  1. Such impassioned questions! I would love to give every question a whole week to think about. Thank you for drilling these into my mind. I’ll have a few sleepless nights now.

  2. Anna Cottage says:

    First of all thank you for following my blog. I write because I love to, whether people read what I write or not, every day I just have to write perhaps a Poem, a short (or even long) story. I carry bits of paper and pen around with me, jotting thoughts down.

  3. leendadll says:

    Is the need to write, merely a need to be read?
    Not for me. For me it’s a need to “brain dump”. Doesn’t matter if anyone besides me ever reads it (though having people do so is a definite bonus)

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