Booking the weather

Books by the English cannot NOT have an element of weather in it – rains interwoven into the story, or merely as a passing mention.  North American stories invariably feature snow. Russian stories definitely feature the cold.  Pretty sure books from the Far East talk about their weather as well.

Why don’t Indian books feature more weather?  Or do they?

The beautiful end-summer thunderstorm outside makes me wonder.

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5 Responses to Booking the weather

  1. Indian poosthagum theriyaile. But do read Alexander Frater’s Chasing the Monsoon – a love tale about the rainy season in Kerala.

  2. Sampada says:

    Well, we have such pleasent and consistent weather in India, it never really is a point of conversation. we take it for granted, But elsewhere weather is something you talk about all the time and is so extreme in some cases that you mentioned they sure come up in the conversation, hence in the books too- there is my two penny’s worth

  3. Yahooey says:

    I agree that consistency is a factor. Something that does not change is not news.

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