Books not read

I have not updated this site in the longest time.  That’s because the last book I read nearly a month ago – Wuthering Heights, bugged the crap out of me, putting me off reading at all.   I feel like ranting about Wuthering Heights, but just the thought of the book makes me want to gouge my eyes out.  I am sure there are people who love the drivel, I am not one of them.Combine this with my own inefficiency both on the job and at home, which leaves me a spent force at night.  But, those are excuses for my laziness.  I need to get back to reading.

Writing this blog post as a kick in my donkey to start reading up something soon.


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2 Responses to Books not read

  1. UmaS says:

    You atleast keep reading something or the other…
    Am torn between the love of reading and time at hand!

  2. Anna Cottage says:

    Not a fan of the Bronte Sisters or “Wuthering Heights” in particular. I am just reading my third book on Sinatra, mainly the Mafia.

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