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Books not read

I have not updated this site in the longest time.  That’s because the last book I read nearly a month ago – Wuthering Heights, bugged the crap out of me, putting me off reading at all.   I feel like … Continue reading

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The Tag

Responding to my daughter’s open tag. Quoting her: In this tag, a bunch of Harry Potter spells each carry a question which you have to answer. All of them are book related. I really am not sure who to tag. … Continue reading

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Booking the weather

Books by the English cannot NOT have an element of weather in it – rains interwoven into the story, or merely as a passing mention.  North American stories invariably feature snow. Russian stories definitely feature the cold.  Pretty sure books … Continue reading

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Dry talk

I am in that awful phase where I can’t seem to settle on a book to read.  I started a Nabokov, and although I think very highly of Nabokov, I couldn’t persist.  I started Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, but got distracted. Part of … Continue reading

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Writing – Stream of Consciousness

Do people who like to read also like to write ? Is “liking” to write the same as “needing” to write? Is the need to write real or imaginary? Is the need to write, merely a need to be read? Does … Continue reading

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Pigs have wings

There are times in my life when chemical-driven emotions throw a party in the brain.  Such times are not particularly conducive to reading a Nabokov, brilliant as it may be, and the Bronte sisters had better take their romantic drivel … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Yes, the book was released yesterday in our part of the world.  We were among the first in our city to buy it (having preordered it months earlier), and the kid, despite her fever (or perhaps because of), speed read … Continue reading

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