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Booking the weather

Books by the English cannot NOT have an element of weather in it – rains interwoven into the story, or merely as a passing mention.  North American stories invariably feature snow. Russian stories definitely feature the cold.  Pretty sure books … Continue reading

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Writing – Stream of Consciousness

Do people who like to read also like to write ? Is “liking” to write the same as “needing” to write? Is the need to write real or imaginary? Is the need to write, merely a need to be read? Does … Continue reading

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Pigs have wings

There are times in my life when chemical-driven emotions throw a party in the brain.  Such times are not particularly conducive to reading a Nabokov, brilliant as it may be, and the Bronte sisters had better take their romantic drivel … Continue reading

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Books are one’s best friends

..was the topic we wrote essays on through most of middle school. Either that, or “What I did during summer vacation”.  I even had a standardized essay for both these topics, and I would merely rearrange order of sentences every … Continue reading

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